Easydry Sports Towel Range

For gyms and health clubs that offer towels to members, Easydry multiple-use disposable sports towels mean an end to the relentless and expensive laundering and sorting of towels, yet provides members with the ultimate in convenience and hygiene on the machines or after the shower. Where members bring their own towels, gyms can retail superior replacement towels at low cost, providing a handy, quick-drying towel that will reduce bulky kit bags while boosting the gym’s retail revenue.

Two new products were unveiled by Vytal. The kit bag must-have Easydry Shower Towel, weighing just a few grammes but with the capacity to hold 10 times its own weight in water. Also making its debut is the Easydry Gym Two-pack, comprising a towel for the user and another to protect equipment, keeping both dry and clean no matter how fierce the workout.

More hygienic, lighter, compact, faster-drying and at least three times as absorbent as a traditional (cotton) towel, the Easydry Sports Towel range  provides affordable, eco-friendly alternatives to cotton towels and the daily time-consuming grind of laundering them.

Winner of a clutch of business and environmental awards, including Green-Tech Business of the Year in the Irish Times Innovation Awards, Easydry Sports towels are biodegradable, recyclable and made using environmentally sustainable methods, helping cut the industry’s costs and carbon footprint. Even better, introducing the revolutionary system also slashes energy and water bills. There is no better choice for clients, gyms or the planet.

‘At Vytal we offer the fitness and health industry a real solution to the problem of cotton towels, freeing them from the expensive and aggravating hassle of laundry completely,’ says Vytal CEO Anne Butterly. ‘Upgrading to Easydry Sports towels allows them and their members to give up scratchy, scruffy cotton towels, which are awkward and uncomfortable and do not offer the same level of hygiene as Easydry, and promise their clients the best service possible.’