Easydry Disposable towels - the better way to dry
Easydry the better way to dry


Did you know that there is a wrong and right way to dry hair? To keep locks shiny and healthy top stylists recommend blotting your hair dry instead of rubbing it. But how can you dry clients’ hair properly with a regular cotton towel? 



The answer is you can’t! Traditional cotton towels are not renowned for their absorption abilities, which is where Easydry comes in! Easydry is an innovative product which is engineered to dry hair quickly, gently and effectively. Easydry disposable towels are ultra-absorbent which cuts down drying time in the salon!


Easydry towels use WaterWeave™ - a patented technology that uses high-pressure water jets directed at a scientifically calculated angle to entangle the fibres. The result is an ultra-absorbent, luxurious alternative to cotton towels.


These high-tech towels have revolutionized the way people dry hair. Easydry towels are used in the top salons around the world – stylists select them with clients in mind as they are so gentle and less likely to damage hair. They are three times more absorbent than cotton, and the lightweight material makes it so easy to create a perfect turban that stays securely in place.


Easydry towels eliminate laundry as they are single-use and lightweight. Your clients are bound to notice the difference as Easydry towels are more comfortable than bulky, heavy and uncomfortable cotton towels.  The end results are that hair that is in better condition because it hasn’t been rough dried, broken or damaged.


Why not have a look at our STORE and if you are new to Easydry, try our Easydry Starter Pack to see just how amazing they are!