Easydry White Towels StackedThe salon towel designed for the 21st century.


If someone presented a towel for you to use in your salon that was more absorbent than cotton, cost less to use, and did not have to be laundered, what would you do? 

You probably would be asking about this incredible product. Well, that day has arrived as the Easydry towel is the salon towel designed for the twenty-first century.


The Easydry towel: good for the planet


Easydry towels, instead of being made of cotton, are made of wood fibres, grown in forested areas that do not make use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides. The trees used to make Easydry towels do not need as much water as cotton and the land is not artificially irrigated as cotton fields are.


Exceptionally easy to use

You will find that the Easydry towel will blot up moisture more readily than the cotton variety too. All you have to do is wrap the client’s hair and the towel will sop up the moisture efficiently and fast. No need to exert any excess energy. No need to rub and ruffle up the hair cuticle. The Easydry towel is, as its name suggests, exceptionally easy to use.


Biodegradability guaranteed

The Easydry towel biodegrades unlike cotton towels, taking just weeks to break down in a landfill. Being a one-use towel also makes the towel more hygienic and reduces salon costs for water usage, laundering, and man and woman hours too.


The Easydry towel – good for business as well as the environment

So, save your time, money, and energy for better things. Choosing the Easydry towel is a good for business as well as the environment.


Easydry White Towels Stacked