Eco Towels from EasydryEasydry invented the Easydry Eco Towel over ten years ago. Founder and CEO Anne Butterly wanted to create a single use towel that was luxurious, hygienic and most important of all, eco friendly.


The Easydry Eco Towel was born.


Ten years later, salons around the globe have made the easy switch to Easydry eco towels and have completely removed cotton towels from their salons. Easydry is now available in over 20 countries around the world and a large number of salons love the Easydry Eco Towel in the the Middle East, Australia, the USA and across Europe. 


What makes Easydry so eco friendly?

  • The Easydry Eco towel is 100% biodegradable / compostable in landfill conditions after use.
  • The Easydry Eco towel does not contain any plastic.
  • The Easydry Eco towel comes in biodegradable bags and recyclable boxes on recyclable pallets.
  • The Easydry Eco towel has FSC Certification.


Why not order Easydry Eco Towels today and find out what makes us so eco-friendly!