Game of Thrones – has it changed the way you look at hair? 

There is no denying that Game of Thrones is one of the TV phenomenon of the last decade with millions tuning in this week to see the latest episode. 

But how much of a cultural impact is the world of Westeros having on us!?


Here at Easydry we’re interested in all things hair, and are fascinated by the affect Game of Thrones has on the hair industry. Just last month Sophie Turner was announced as the new face of Wella Professional, the first of many beauty contracts for the star. Emilia Clarke is featured in hundreds of magazine and online articles about hair, mainly how-to tutorials demonstrating how to get her braids!







Hairstyles are synonymous with certain characters which is what makes them so important. Kit Harrington is not contractually allowed to cut his hair such is its importance to the character of Jon Snow. On set, there are 50 – 100 wigs for actors and 25 staff members on hand to fit those wigs and make sure they stay in place. Hair has a big part to play in creating the characters and visuals of Game of Thrones. Below are some of the most popular styles inspired by the series.



If you’re thinking of recreating these styles or dying your hair like Sophie Tuner then we’d recommend Easydry Shoulder Capes – they’re a must have for colouring hair! They protect your clothes better than the Nights Watch and are environmentally friendly and recyclable! They come in White Walker White, Jon Snow Black or Lannister Red – have a look at our store for more info!   


* Photos reproduced with kind permission of: Ella Parrie, Instagram - @ellaschair. Sophie Turner, Instagram - @sophiet and