Easydry Disposable Towels

Celebrating it’s tenth birthday in 2015, Easydry has enjoyed a decade of helping salons and spas around the globe to introduce eco-friendly products without sacrificing luxury or convenience.

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As Easydry devotee, Ken Picton can attest:

Easydry Ambassador Ken Picton
I was always hugely impressed by Easydry. It fits perfectly with our reputation as a prestigious, destination salon. We offer the best in luxury service, with hour-long appointments and the mind-set “respect the client above all”. Easydry offers the most hygienic, sustainable towelling system in the world and with its consistently superb quality finish, it lives up to my and my clients’ high expectations.” Ken Picton, Ken Picton Salon, Cardiff.




All Easydry towel products are 100% biodegradable and compostable – they break down to fibres in  just 12 weeks. The full Easydry spa range recyclable, including the packaging. Switching to Easydry allows salons and spas to dramatically reduce the amount of water  and energy currently wasted on laundry. Easydry has an FSC Certificate proving that it’s products are manufactured in a sustainable way. And if that wasn’t impressive enough,  Easydry is the only towel product to have a full life cycle measured carbon footprint showing how dedicated the company is to the environment.


Environmental guru Anne Veck explains:

Easydry Ambassador Anne Veck

" Besides the hassle of towels, I was aware of the environmental differences between cotton towels and disposables. There was so much unnecessary waste with cotton. And when I looked in more detail at the different brands, Easydry was the only one that was totally transparent, with published evidence to back up all its claims. It has gone much further than any other company in seeking out the greenest, most sustainable suppliers, and in the end it was the only brand I felt I could trust.” Anne Veck, Anne Veck Salon Group, UK.




Award-winning stylist Caterina DiBiase explains

Easydry Fan Caterina Di Biase
Easydry is not only popular in the UK, it has been welcome with open arms in Australia where eco-friendliness is hugely important. Award-winning stylist Caterina DiBiase explains: “As hairdressers we need to be environmentally responsible. Water usage is high among salons and we have to address that. Using Easydry towels is a simple way to do more because they help us save water and are biodegradable and environmentally safe.”  Caterina DiBiase, Heading Out Hair and Beauty, Australia.




The Easydry Disposable Range for Salons and Spas

The Easydry range for spas includes disposable bed roll, disposable body wraps, disposable gowns and disposable beauty towels of all sizes from spa to hand. The most popular colours are pristine white and midnight black, although the recently introduced ruby red disposable towel has proved extremely popular as it is an easy way to introduce a splash of seasonal colour at busy times in the spa like Chistmas, Valentines Day and Mothers Day.


As Easydry products are single use, clients are guaranteed their own personal towel – every client, every time. Easydry really is the best way to introduce eco-friendly spa products without sacricifing on luxury or convenience.


Easydry really is “The Better Way to Dry”.