Easydry Supports Haircuts For the Homeless DublinAs a company, Easydry is always delighted to support charities and charitable initiatives where we can. While in Australia we were asked to get involved with “Haircuts for the Homeless” by community- focused salon Murphy Gozzard. The event was a fantastic success and we were proud to be able to help.


We recently heard about the launch of Haircuts for the Homeless” in Ireland on the Ryan Tubridy radio show and we were delighted to offer our assistance. The brand new barber salon or hair salon opened off Bow Street as part of the Capuchin Day Centre which serves the homeless and poor of Dublin. One of the people generously donating her time is talented hairdresser Theresa Robinson who works at Rum Toffee salon in Ballyfermot.


Easydry will donate our single use towels to the new salon. As our towels are disposable, they are 100% hygienic and this means that the charity can focus their time on their clients, rather than on towel laundry.


Haircuts for the Homeless will offer free haircuts to homeless people in Dublin each month. It may seem a peripheral service to offer but such services can often begin a healing of broken self-image and self-esteem in those who are often marginalised by society.


We wish Therese, Brother Kevin and all at Haircuts For The Homeless Dublin the very best of luck with this worthwhile initiative.


If any stylists would like to get involved please contact Easydry for further information or please contact the Haircuts for the Homeless Facebook page (link below).


Haircuts for the Homeless Facebook page


Ryan Tubridy Radio Show

Easydry Supports Haircuts For the Homeless Dublin