eColi can exist on cotton towels

How Clean Is Your Salon Towel?

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.

If you think about that, you'll do things differently.

Salon Hygiene Is Important To 72% Of Women,

But Only 12% Are Aware That Some Salons Tumble Dry Towels Between Clients 



A new survey has revealed that although salon hygiene is important to 72% of women and 57% of men, only 12% of people surveyed were aware that some salons simply tumble dry towels after use.  Shockingly, 13 percent of those surveyed had experienced smelly towels at a salon.


Just how prevalent is this practice in salons across Ireland? As this area is not widely regulated, estimates vary, and as clients are unaware of the practice and don’t question their salon, it may be more widespread than we realise. Worryingly, towels that are not washed at a sufficiently high temperature can still harbour germs and bacteria. The survey shows that 86% of women surveyed would be concerned if they knew about a previous client’s contagious scalp condition.


Award-winning salon owner Aidan Fitzgerald has been using Easydry towels in his Blackrock salon for several years. "Clients expect a freshly-laundered towel for each salon visit. Unfortunately that is not the case in all salons. In my opinion this is unacceptable and I would like to see this culture change. Salons should offer a freshly laundered cotton towel or a single use disposable towel like Easydry to every client, every time. Using Easydry is the only way to guarantee complete towel hygiene for my clients. I have the reassurance of knowing that each time I use an Easydry single use towel, it is pristine and offers my clients both luxury and hygiene."


In this highly competitive market, a salons good reputation is their equity. As american business magnate Warren Buffett explains: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.”


Easydry was founded almost ten years ago and has created the world’s first single-use, biodegradable salon towel. Easydry CEO and founder, Anne Butterly, believes these innovative towels are the best way to ensure proper hygiene in salons: “Cotton towels harbour germs in damp salon environments. The only way to eradicate most germs and bacteria is the use of detergent and a high temperature wash cycle for each towel after use. However, this is seen as being time-consuming and costly in a salon. In this highly competitive market, a salon’s good reputation is their equity and the standards clients expect are higher than ever. Rather than simply concentrating on reducing costs, salons should focus on improving the client experience and the standards they offer. Easydry allows salons to do this”


The survey found 65% would change their salon if they found out it did not provide fresh towels. 


The “Throw In The Towel” study was commissioned by Easydry who created the Easydry single use towel that utilises patented technology (WaterWeave™ and UATT™) to create a hygienic single use towel which biodegrades 12 weeks after use. These towels are available in hair and beauty salons around the globe. Award-winning Easydry is celebrating its tenth year of business in 2015.