Easydry Eco Towels

There must be an easier way? Managing the tattered towels, the stained gowns, the heaps of laundry piling up in the back room, hiding them from prying eyes, all this can be very taxing. No one enjoys doing laundry, especially damp and dirty head towels that other people have used. But it’s time now to kick those bleaching blues with Easydry, the first even eco-friendly and highly absorbent disposable towel.




Easydry made the first eco-towel of its kind back in 2004, developed especially for salons but versatile enough for use in gyms, restaurants or anywhere cotton towels are used. The Easydry system now includes recyclable, biodegradable capes, gowns, bedding, bed roll and body wraps as well as the multi-award winning towel.


Demoting those damp old towels, cutting utility bills through lower energy consumption and reducing carbon footprints in Europe, the UK and Australia, Easydry's developer Anne Butterly has begun a mission to revolutionize the salon industry worldwide.


Butterly realised that there was a gap in the industry.  She understood that salons always end up with stained towels, which they are continuously discarding and replacing with fresh cotton towels, and often at unreasonable prices.  Of course, this doesn't include the laundry costs or the high utility bills that come with the energy use by the washer and dryer.  Easydry has been known to cut 30% off salon bills, saving them time, money and storage space.


Butterly also wanted to make sure her product was safe and gentle on the environment.  She used the latest technology to create a fabric that was soft, hygienic, and highly absorbent but most importantly, recyclable and biodegradable.  If used with natural products there is almost no impact on the environment at all.  Even in the production process Butterly has ensured her products are made from certified renewable sources.  Helping to regenerate forests by planting trees and using sustainable harvesting methods to combat deforestation, Easydry has all the bases covered.


Salon staff are beaming.  No more laundry days spending hours folding towels.  No stocking up on laundry detergent, using large amounts of hot water and electricity to get the towels laundered.  What a relief!


Already a huge hit in some top salons like Toni&Guy, Saks Academy,  L'Oreal Academies, Hooker & Young;  they are all doing their part to go green and be leaders in the new eco-friendly world.  Sustainability has become a reality and businesses can often find many ways to reduce their energy consumption and garbage waste.  Easydry has given salons a great new green tool.