Keep the Earth happy with Easydry

Since Easydry launched the world’s first eco-friendly disposable towel almost ten years ago, thousands of salons have made the easy switch to Easydry.  

Easydry salons across the UK and Ireland have saved nearly 45 million litres of water in just 12 months by ending the need to wash cotton towels.

 It means Easydry partner salons not only have lower water and energy costs, but they have also contributed to preserving an increasingly precious commodity.



 ‘Besides actually saving water and money in the salon by not having to wash towels, salons who abandon cotton towels for Easydry are also saving water on a global scale,’ added Anne.’ The unique production of Easydry towels consumes tiny amounts of water thanks to its technologically advanced processes, whereas cotton is a water-guzzler of the highest order. Our towels are helping our partner salons develop sustainable businesses so they will be less affected as water becomes even scarcer and prices rise.’


Easydry convert Tabitha James Kraan has long been a convert to sustainability. For 15 years, environmental protection has been a centrepiece of the  salon, Tabitha James Kraan Organic Hairdressing,  positioning it as one of the most well-established, greenest salons in the UK.


‘We researched the towels thoroughly to ensure it wasn’t greenwash, and the transparent nature of Easydry reassured us from the beginning,’ says Dennes Kraan. ‘Tabitha and I are well-versed in the language and accreditation of sustainability so we could see instantly that Easydry was the only towel that could back up its claims. We haven’t been disappointed. That honesty and culture of openness is part of the whole Easydry experience and it is a delight when we call to place each order as the team is so lovely.’


Years on Tabitha and Dennes have never had a moment’s doubt about Easydry, even though they are constantly inundated by samples and phone calls from competitor brands. Dennes is adamant they will stay with Easydry.


‘We prefer the feel and look of Easydry, they radiate quality.  I like knowing exactly what is in my towels and how they are made. But, most of all, we really like being part of the Easydry family. They look after us and they help us look after the environment,’ says Dennes.


Since she invented the eco-friendly disposable towels that have revolutionised the hair industry, Easydry Founder and CEO, Anne has gone on to develop a whole range of eco-friendly products for salons, including towels in a range of sizes and colour resistant shoulder capes.