Easydry was delighted to be featured in MAN'UAL by Modern Barber Magazine. The coverage includes an amazing how to Hot Shave from industry expert, Gary Machin.


Easydry Makes Life Easy


Ditch the laundry run for 100% biodegradable and sustainable disposable towels that make financial sense too. Easydry is an award winning brand that's been leading the market from launch in 2003.



The all natural fibre range of towels and capes plus the NEW Easydry Thermal towel for shave services helps barbershops manager their needs hygienically, efficiently and cost effectively. Gary Machin on Rogers Barber Shops in Stoke-on-Trent is a third generation barber with over 30 years' experience and a huge shave business. Gary is a long-time fan of Easydry and believes that the cleanliness and convenience they offer is an asset to any barbershop business. Gary says "Easydry towels are ideal for male grooming as they are hygienic, high performing and cost-effective. They are three times more absorbent than cotton and are the best towels for barbers in my opinion. Leave cotton towels and outdated laundry in the past. Easydry is the better way to dry!"



Makes Money Sense


Easydry is experienced with creating tailored pricing packages around the varied needs of barber business so if you want to chat about your needs just get in touch on 0845 300 7764. Trial packs are available.



Master the Easydry Technique for Hot Shaves


Here Gary Machin shares his step-by-step guide to using the Easydry Thermal Towel system in his shave service. To prep your Thermal Towel follow these steps ...



1. Unfold the Easydry Thermal Towel to fluff out the fibres


2. Dampen the towel and remove excess moisture


3. Re-fold or roll the towel


4. Heat to the required temperature in a caddy or microwave


5. Check the temperature, gently unroll the towel and use immediately on the client



With it's unique texture, the Easydry Thermal Towel has been designed to retain heat for any warm treatments, including facials and hot shaves. It can also be used as a chilled towel for facials and as a welcoming hand towel for hospitality.



Use your disposable Easydry Towel in exactly the same way as you would with a regular towel. Supersoft, absorbent and fresh for every client, clean up couldn't be easier as you just throw them away - safe in the knowledge that it's biodegradable in just 12 weeks.




Hordes of Awards


Easydry inventor and company founder Anne Butterly is no stranger to the podium!


* Business Woman of the Year Export Award

* Entrepreneur of the Year

* Innovation of the Year

* Best Renewable and Environmental Business

* Green-Tech Innovation of the Year

* Green Awards 2014 and 2015

* Green Entrepreneur of the Year

* Sustainable Water Achievement Award


Community Matters! Easydry Supports Haircuts4Homeless


Easydry has been happy to support Haircuts4Homeless, a charity which is extremely active in the UK and Ireland. Haircuts4Homeless is a community group of skilled hairdressing and barbering professionals who offer free haircuts for homeless people around the UK and Ireland. Easydry supports this amazing group by supplying disposable towels and shoulder capes. The group is always open to support from stylists, barbers or equipment suppliers. 


If you would like to help by volunteering your time of donating equipment, please contact them via






Reproduced with kind permission of MAN'UAL by Modern Barber Magazine. 

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