Salon Business recently published an article called "Question Time with Anne Butterly".


Talking to Easydry's founder, Anne Butterly, it is quickly apparent why the company is what it is today - she's a go-getter. It's a trait that runs through other entrepreneurs like her. She's taken an idea and built it into a hugely successful company with numerous awards under her belt - and it's still growing. Take the time to read her interview with Salon Business and you could find yourself inspired.


Salon Business Question Time with Anne Butterly     Salon Business Question Time with Anne Butterly     Salon Business Question Time with Anne Butterly


Salon Business Question Time With Anne Butterly     Salon Business Question Time With Anne Butterly


Can you remember when you first came up with the idea for Easydry?


Back in 2003, I was sharing a house with six college friends who regularly coloured their hair. Despairing of the ruined cotton towels in the bathroom, I thought it would be great if someone could come up a hygienic, disposable option that would protect clothes during the colouring process and dry the hair afterwards – a towel that was highly absorbent but easily affordable.



What did you do to make it come to fruition?


I got to work researching this new idea. I discovered that cotton towels can harbour germs even after washing with detergent and the fabric construction can actually help with the transmission of infection! I realised that non-woven towels were a much more effective barrier against the spread of bacteria. My research showed me that I could produce a highly absorbent towel that was also environmentally friendly.


We created patented WaterWeave and UATT Technologies to ensure that our towels are strong and absorbent – in fact, they are three times more absorbent than cotton.


I quickly realised that this new product could revolutionise the hairdressing industry. Ten years later, Easydry products are sold in the UK, the USA, Australia and across Europe. In addition to our hugely popular towels, we have developed the range to include shoulder capes and other products for beauty salons like bed roll and body wrap.



And now you've hit your 10 year anniversary. Are you doing anything to mark it?


Reaching our ten year anniversary was an incredible milestone. We unveiled a special ten year logo to mark the event. Our celebrations included an around the world trip to our key markets to meet our team and our key clients – this trip  included the UK, Australia, the Middle East and the USA. We also signed a new distributor in the Canadian market which is has the potential to be a huge market for Easydry.




What's surprised you most about the last 10 years?


How quickly it has passed! I suppose the phrase “time flies when you’re having fun!” is definitely true in my case.


I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been for salons to fully embrace the Easydry system which has enabled them to make huge changes in how their salong works – saving space, time, energy and money.


Easydry to me is a no-brainer. It provides salons with a simple tool that can change the way their salon works. They no longer need to have an apprentice wasting 10 hours per week (500 hours per year) on laundry when they could be adding real value to clients. I am excited to see how many hours per week we can save salons – and I am excited to see what they can achieve with this time!




Describe a typical day for you 10 years ago and now?


Ten years ago I struggled to introduce the revolutionary concept of an absorbent, biodegradable hair towel to salons. My time was spent calling and meeting with salons to introduce them to this new concept.


Now, we are being used in top salons around the globe and more top salons are joining the Easydry family each day. It is great to see boxes of Easydry leave our warehouse every day and it makes me very proud of how the company has grown. 



What do you love most about what you do?


Innovation is at the heart of everything I do at  Easydry. I love listening to our customers and learning from them. From their feedback we have created a number new products including a barber towel and a hot shave towel. Continuous innovation drives me every day to provide innovative solutions to everyday problems in salons.


We recently calculated the amount of water that salons using Easydry have saved over the past decade. The amount of water saved by Easydry was 221 million litres – incredibly, that is equivalent to over 2.5 million baths and 89 olympic sized swimming pools! 41 Million Litres was saved during 2015 alone! These figures make me very proud of what Easydry salons have achieved already!


I am also incredibly proud that salons that use Easydry offer their clients the most hygienic towel option on the market.



What has been the biggest challenge you've faced so far?


I think the biggest challenge was getting our first customers on board. To get the ear of a top salon like Hooker & Young at the beginning gave me the confidence that my product would work.




What aspirations do you have for the brand going forward?


I have many plans for Easydry. We have new products that we want to release and i have new sectors that I would like to enter.


I would also love to see more salons in the UK and Ireland making the easy switch to Easydry.



What would you say to someone else thinking of making an idea come to life?


Having an idea and making it come to life may be difficult but it will be the most interesting thing you do and could definitely be the best thing you ever do! 


Make sure you protect your ideas, carry out as much research as you can. Be brave and go for it!


Surround yourself with people that share your vision and goal – make sure they are willing to go above and beyond! Each new business needs support from their team and their customers.


Believe in your product, yourself and your team – just go and do it!



Reproduced with kind permission of Salon Business Magazine.