Francesco Group Northwich showing Easydry Disposable Towels

Whether you are opening a new salon, refurbishing an existing salon or just looking to make some small changes to improve your salon - now is the ideal time to take a look at making the easy switch to Easydry.

Opening a new salon 

Refurbishing an existing salon

Looking to make small changes to your salon interior


[ Image courtesy of Francesco Group Northwich ]



Opening a new salon

  • Have you fully planned out how your salon will work?
  • Are you getting the most possible revenue from every inch of space?
  • Are there any wasted areas in the salon that could be put to better use?

Making the easy switch to Easydry in your new salon means that space that you might have previously dedicated to a laundry room and stacks of cotton towels can instead be used as an extra backwash area, an additional styling station, an invaluable consultation room or even a much needed staff training room. 

Once you remove laundry and the laundry room from the equation it frees you to think creatively about the space in you salon and it allows you to ensure that all of the space is income-generating.



Refurbishing an existing salon

  • Do you find your laundry room is creating noise and heat in the salon?
  • Is your salon laundry costing your money on machine rental, repairs and energy bills?

Why not order a trial box of Easydry disposable towels. Once you see how easy they are to use and how much your clients love them, you can really start to plan removing your salon laundry room and storage space for bulky cotton towels. 

Once you use Easydry, you can convert previously wasted storage space into a new retail area or into an money-generating area like a new styling station or back wash area.

Even better, Easydry will free up time so that you can focus on your business and on your clients.



Looking to make small changes to your salon interior

Take an honest look at your salon and you will quickly see some easy ways to bring about changes and improvements without costing a huge amount of time and money.

  • Does you salon need a lick of paint? Don't forget to look at inside, outside and in the bathrooms!
  • Are you wasting a huge amount of space on the laundry room and storage of cotton towels? Don't!
  • Is your retail area inviting, interesting and spotlessly clean? 
  • Is your window display interesting, seasonal and regularly updated? A gorgeous window will invite passers-by into the salon.

Most importantly, take an honest look at your cotton towels. If they are looking old, faded, bleached, stained or scratchy -it's definitely time to get rid of them. Why not donate them to a charity shop or local animal shelter.

Instead of old cotton towels, why not invest in pristine, beautifully-folded Easydry Disposable Towels. Our towels always look amazing so they can be displayed in the salon and always look gorgeous.