Dirty Cotton Towels in the SalonImagine you’re flipping the salon’s sign to CLOSED after a busy day of cutting, styling and colouring with hardly a break to catch your breath. The last thing on you want to do now is deal with the pile of dirty cotton towels waiting in the back room.


The same kind of feeling is what drove Anne Butterly to invent Easydry disposable towels. At the time she was sharing a flat with six other women, who all dyed their hair, leaving piles of wet and dye-spattered towels in the bathtub.


So far, so yuck. There had to be a better way, right? Well, there wasn’t, so Anne came up with her own design – a disposable product that would save time and aggravation for her flatmates and allow her to have a soak in the tub when she wanted without having to clear out her flatmates’ old laundry first.


But disposable? The whole idea of a throwaway product made Anne wince, especially when she thought about the ecological disaster area of plastic carrier bags. So she knew it had to be eco-friendly and set about developing the idea. Plastics were out, of course, but so was cotton, which takes ages to biodegrade, uses up tons of water and puts loads of nasty, polluting pesticides into the environment. She found a source of super-absorbent fibres that would do the job, made from wood pulp from trees grown and harvested sustainably. This also made the finished product recyclable and completely biodegradable (they break down completely in compost conditions in weeks).


By doing away with the washing and drying, they also save energy and water, so businesses see their fuel bills tumble while their clients get the comfort and freshness we all want. And if you’re worried about their ability to soak up water, fear not. Easydry’s layering system makes the towels a whole heap more absorbent than conventional cotton ones.


Did I mention that they are also pretty stylish? Well they are. Easydry towels are uniquely chic, coming in black or white as standard, with an elegant appearance that beats old and overwashed cotton any day.


So, no more hours spent washing, drying, folding and stacking towels. And no more worrying about running out as you can order in bulk and store hundreds in the same space you’d use for just a few dozen cotton towels. Embrace the convenience, the time saved, the environmental benefits of Easydry – towels that are disposable for all the right reasons.


Dirty Cotton Towels in the Salon