Easydry Disposable Towels

Save Time in the Salon at Christmas

Why bother wasting time with laundering cotton towels or microfibre towels in the salon in December? Free up time for you and your staff, and guarantee your clients a perfectly clean towel by making the switch to Easydry,


Salons across the globe and seeing an incredibly up-turn in their client numbers in December. This increase in clients is putting traditional salon laundry under severe pressure. This December, why not free yourself from the worry of washing machines and tumble dryers breaking down? In the process, free up hours of time for you and your staff - time that could be spent on clients and on bringing in revenue.



Easydry has luxurious disposable towels available in black, white and red and in a variety of quantities from 900 to 450 and even 200 towels.


Why not make the Easy Switch to Easydry today!