Easydry The Better Way To Dry

Easydry towels are soft and super-absorbent, using advanced technology to dry hair in a completely different way, eliminating the rubbing and friction of cotton towels that can tangle hair, damage cuticles and irritate the scalp. Easydry is The Better Way To Dry.


Easydry Ambassador Ken Picton explains: “ Easydry has a superior feel. The fabric is so smooth. If there were any flaws, you’d see them right away. But there never are. Every towel is so neatly folded, they can be stored on shelves in sight of clients”.  Ken Picton, Ken Picton Salon, Cardiff, UK.


All Easydry towels are soft and gentle on the hair and scalp. Stylists blot or pat the hair dry with no need for rubbing. Drying hair with Easydry towels leaves it in perfect condition for the next treatment. The hair follicle has not been overdried, tangled or damaged by the rubbing action of a cotton towel and the client feels comfortable.


Easydry Founder and CEO, Anne Butterly assures salons: “The unique, patented WaterWeave technology used in Easydry disposable towels allow us to dry clients’ hair to the perfect moisture level for the next part of their service. Because they are so absorbent, and dry by patting or blotting rather than rubbing, they are particularly gentle on clients’ hair and scalp.” Anne Butterly, CEO, Easydry.


Easydry – The Better Way to Dry.