Easydry Disposable Towels

As seen on TV – Easydry towels used in an exciting new ITV show “Ninja Warrior”

Easydry Towels are tough enough for a Ninja Warrior

Already a hero product in gyms and leisure centres across the UK and Ireland, Easydry and its innovative range of Sports Towels are delighted to be making a move to the small screen. Following a highly successful launch at LIW in 2014, Easydry is proud to be the towel sponsor of ITV’s exciting new show “Ninja Warrior”.


Ninja Warrior, which is an obstacle course style show, originated in Japan and achieved great popularity in the USA, was recorded in March and is set to appear on our screens on ITV for an eight week run starting in mid April.  Ninja Warrior is produced by Potato - Part of ITV Studios whose portfolio includes shows like “The Chase”, “Surprise Surprise” and “The Big Reunion”. 


As the show is an obstacle course style show which was filmed in the UK in March, the main concern for the Potato production team was enabling the contestants to dry off as quickly as possible - this is the reason they chose the quick drying, ultra-absorbent Easydry Sports Towel range.


Easydry Sports Towels are made from a unique drying fabric that is more absorbent, hygienic and stronger than cotton towels yet is super-light and compact. Initially developed for the hair and beauty industry, Easydry towels have revolutionised client care in high-end salons, where comfort, function and hygiene are paramount. They have now extended this technology to the leisure industry.


Vytal, Easydry’s parent company, developed WaterWeave™, a patented technology that uses high-pressure water jets to entangle the natural, chemical-free fibres and high-temperature ovens to dry the fabric and ensure the finished towel is inherently hygienic. WaterWeave™ means Easydry disposable sports towels can absorb three times more water than a cotton towel without losing integrity and have the capacity to soak up as much as 10 times their own weight in liquid.


WaterWeave™ complements Easydry’s twin patented system Uatt™ (Ultra Anti Tear Technology), developed by the company to guarantee the superior towel stands up to high levels of wear and tear, yet maintains its strength and durability, even when wet.


Easydry, with their two patented technologies, have made an unbeatable towel able to cope with the rigours of a true “Ninja Warrior”.