Towel Hygiene

Towel Hygiene

A recent article in The Daily Mail Online stated that the most germ-infested object in your home is your towel! This terrifying statement is even more frightening if we consider salon towels. Are your cotton towels in the salon putting your clients at risk?



Research has found that cotton towels retain moisture which makes them the ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria. This affects hand towels, tea towels and bath towels in the home. They also pick up skin cells as they are used - this acts as a food or fuel source for germs and bacteria. Finally, most cotton towels are used in areas rich in bacteria like kitchens and bathrooms. These three factors show how cotton is the ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria in the home.


This terrifying information is not the full story. Laundering your towels at low temperatures may not be enough to kill the germs. Dermatophytic fungi, like those that cause athlete's foot can survive domestic laundry and can cause infections - especially when on shared towels or towels that have not been laundered at a high enough temperature or have not been allowed to dry completely. 

But what about towel hygiene in the salon?


Towel Hygiene In Salons

Cotton towels used in salons are used on hundreds of different people and busy salons are under constant pressure to provide clean, fresh cotton towels. This means that some salons may cut corners as they are not aware of the consequences of inadequately laundered towels in the salon.  


If there is a smell or odour coming from a cotton towel, the chances are that you are smelling bacteria and funghi. 


So how can we ensure salon towels are clean?


  1. Ensure you launder every single salon towel every single time it is used
  2. Use a high temperature wash and good quality laundry detergent
  3. Allow towels to dry 100% after use


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