Easydry Short Towel for PedicuresWhat type of towels to use for a pedicure is a common question from students? Easydry disposable towels is the clear answer!

Easydry has a range of single use towels that are ideal for use in manicures, pedicures and a whole range of beauty treatments. 



Easydry Short Towel

Size: The Easydry Short Towel measures 30x60cm and is the ideal size for manicures and pedicures.

Colours: It is available in black and white.

Quantities: This product is sold in quantities of 1,800 or 900.

Benefits: The Easydry Short Towel is strong, absorbent and lint-free. It is kind to skin and eco-friendly.

Easydry Short Towel for Pedicures

Want a larger towel?


Easydry Medium Towel

Size: This towel measures 80x43cm so is perfect when a larger towel is required.

Colours: It is available in black, white, red.

Quantities: It is sold in quanties of 900, 450 or even 200.

Benefits: The Easydry Medium Towel is ideal if you find the Easydry Short Towel too small for your requirements.



Easydry Medium Towel for Pedicures


Want a hot towel?


Easydry Thermal Towel

Size: This towel measures 43x43cm so it is the ideal size to use for pedicures, manicures and facials.

Colours: It is available in white and has a beautiful texture specifically designed to retain heat.

Quantities: It is sold in quanties of 1080 or 540.

Benefits: The Easydry Thermal Towel is ideal if you need a textured towel or one for hot or cold treatments.


Easydry Thermal Towel for Pedicures