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Easydry Shortlist for 5 Green Awards
2018-12-13  |  Green Awards

Disposable towel pioneer Easydry celebrates its 15th year in business with an incredible 5 nominations in the prestigious Green Awards.

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Eco Friendly Towels Cut Costs for Hairdressers
2018-10-01  |  The Sunday Business Post

Eco Friendly Towels Cut Costs for Hairdressers


Company targets 10,000 clients within five year


Easydry, the Louth company behind a unique eco-friendly disposable towels, has plans to increase its footprint to 10,000 clients globally within the next three to five years.

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Green Party
2018-09-06  |  Salon Focus

With concerns about single-use plastics growing and veganism becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice, making your salon and barbershop "free from" chemicals, animal products and plastics is gaining in popularity. We spoke to salons who have successfully tapped into this trend without cutting corners on quality or profitability.

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How To Spot An Eco Friendly Salon
2018-07-02  |  Layered Online

Eco, eco, eco, eco – repeat a word enough times and it loses its meaning and never has this rung more true than for ‘eco’. We’re all about sustainability, environmentally-friendly salons and organic solutions, but what does it all actually mean and how can you spot a salon that’s truly eco-friendly?

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Easydry Unveils Two New Ambassador Videos
2018-05-06  |  Better Business

Easydry Better Business Press Coverage - Easydry Ambassador VideosEasydry, the creator of a compostable salon towel, has launched a series of videos from two of their newest brand ambassadors, Jamie Stevens and Sophia Hilton. These videos are part of a new Easydry campaign.

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A Fresh Approach to Outsourcing
2017-09-25  |  Sunday Business Post

Easydry is a Dundalk-based company which designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of environmentally friendly towels, capes and gowns. Its client base has grown across 25 countries and includes individual consumers and entities in the health and beauty, leisure and food service industries.

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Easydry Appoints Two Brand Ambassadors
2017-09-22  |  The Barber Magazine

Easydry has recently released two essential products for barbers and male grooming: the Easydry Short Towel for drying shorter hair and the Easydry Thermal Towel which is ideal for heating or chilling.

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Easy Does it ... The Barber Magazine
2017-09-22  |  The Barber Magazine

Easydry has released two essential products for barbers and male grooming. The Easydry Short Towel measures 30x60cm and is ideal for drying short hair.

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Easydry Wins Net Visionary Award
2017-09-20  |  Good Salon Guide

The DOT IE Net Visionary Awards celebrates Irish companies who excel in various categories, from marketing, innovation, technology, social media and ecommerce. The awards are sponsored by the Irish Internet Association - an organisation which has continuously ensured that Irish companies have the infrastructure and network of support needed to drive growth in the economy.

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Easydry wins at the Net Visionary Awards!

The DOT IE Net Visionary Awards celebrates Irish companies who excel in various categories, from marketing, innovation, technology, social media and ecommerce. The awards are sponsored by the Irish Internet Association ...

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Selphi Eco Salon - Case Study
Do you have what it takes to go green? Carissa Vaughn does – Selphi Eco Salon is a testament to her determination to reduce her carbon footprint and be kinder to our planet. Located in Jacksonville Beach, Florida Selphi Eco Salon really is one of a kind. Carissa started her salon with the aim of providing great customer service while being environmentally friendly, which she does on a daily basis! We spoke to her to find out how she achieved her goals. view more»

Schartenberg Friseur & Wellness Case Study
Schartenberg Friseur & Wellness is an Aveda salon based in a redesigned modern building in an idyllic part of Hannover. Dirk Schartenberg and his team offer a top-class service providing relaxation, beauty and hairdressing to suit every client. “People are the heart of everything we do” he explains, and this is obvious from talking to both him and his talented and passionate team. We had a chat to find out more about what they have to offer! view more»

Salon Zurell Case Study
2017-08-17  |  Easydry USA

Salon Zurell is owned by Todd and Nikki Zurell and is located in the heart of Plantsville, Connecticut, USA. Salon Zurell is a recent winner of the coveted Top 20 New Salon in the Country Award – this salon is definitely one to watch! 

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Easydry Signs Barber Ambassadors
2017-08-04  |  Easydry Barber Towels

To coincide with the launch of Easydry’s exciting range of products for barbers and male grooming, Easydry is delighted to announce two ambassadors to promote this range – industry gurus, Gary Machin and Chris Foster.

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Storm Hair Design Case Study
2017-08-02  |  Easydry Disposable Towels

Storm Hair Design has been at the forefront of promoting natural products and eco-friendly initiatives in Ireland for almost 20 years. Based in Howth, Co. Dublin they have built a loyal base of customers who keep coming back for the excellent service, talented staff and friendly service. We spoke to proprietor Lisa Cunningham about what the salon has to offer. 

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Case Study Slash Creative Hair
2017-07-21  |  Easydry

Case Study – Slash Creative Hair Studio, Lisbon Portugal

The team in Slash Creative Hair Studio are some of the most fun, talented bunch we’ve come across! Offering unisex services as well as makeup, they are renowned for their exciting cuts and colours. 

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Roller Blow Dry Bar
2017-07-19  |  Easydry

Case Study: Roller – Blow Dry Brilliance

Roller Blow Dry Bar in Dublin 2 is bringing blow dry brilliance to the masses - with extended opening hours and a talented team who turn a blow dry into a hairdressing experience!


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Modern Barber July to September 2017
2017-07-01  |  Modern Barber
Easydry is delighted to be included in Modern Barber magazine, July to September edition. view more»

Easydry Makes Life Easy
2017-07-01  |  MAN'UAL by Modern Barber

Ditch the laundry run for 100% biodegradable and sustainable disposable towels that make financial sense too. Easydry is an award winning brand that's been leading the market from launch in 2003.

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Master the Easydry Technique for Hot Shaves
2017-07-01  |  MAN'UAL by Modern Barber

Here Gary shares his step-by-step guide to using the Easdyry Thermal Towel system in his shave service. To prep your Thermal Towel follow these steps ...

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