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What people are saying?

"I switched to Easydry disposable towels because they make salon life so much easier and my clients love them.”

Andrew Barton, 10 Years Younger Resident Stylist and British Hairdresser of the Year 2006, London

Kay Connolly

Technical Director, L'Oréal Professional Products UK and Ireland

"L'Oréal is committed to managing our sites and whole business sustainably and in 2005 the Group announced its mission to reduce energy, waste, and water consumption by half. The introduction of Easydry into our academies in London, Manchester, Leeds and Dublin has been part of our initiative to reduce our water footprint, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission. And because Easydry towels are 100% biodegradable and made from certified renewable resources they also assist in L’Oreal’s mission to reduce waste."

Angelo Vallillo

Zullo & Holland, Nottingham, UK

"I’m never without Easydry towels. I use them for session work, in the salon and for shows. They are so easy to use. And I love that Easydry is constantly developing new products that provide us with solutions to problems we thought were with us forever – like laundering towels."

Leo Bancroft

Leo Bancroft, Weybridge, UK.

"Easydry are cutting-edge and innovative and lead by example. They offer a new level of luxury that our clients appreciate, and we're looking forward to raising that level even higher with the introductions of the Easydry cape."

Ann Herman

Ann Herman, Patron of Honour, Fellowship of British Hairdressing, UK.

"This is a product that no salon should be withouth; practical, economic and hygienic."

Karine Jackson

Karine Jackson, London, UK.

"We believe hygiene is imperative to providing the best client care possible, so our clients get a spotlessly clean Easydry every visit."

Emiliano Vitale

é salon, Wahroonga, Australia

"Easydry are pioneers and believe in their business and what they are doing. To me, they have found their path and it is inspiring to be associated with a company like Easydry."

Lisa Muscat

é salon, Wahroonga, Australia

"Easydry are great as they are environmentally friendly and water-saving, which means while we are using them we are educating our team and our clients on being environmentally responsible. "

Jayne Wild

Wild Life Hair, Sydney, Australia

"You have to have heart and a conscience in business and Easydry supplies both."

Ronnie Marshall

Byron Hairdressing, Kirkcaldy, UK

"I switched to Easydry because their disposable towels and capes save me money, look more professional and are less hassle than cotton towels. They are also the best eco-friendly disposables on the market.”

Dennes Kraan

Tabitha James Kraan, UK

"We researched the towels thoroughly to ensure it wasn’t greenwash, and the transparent nature of Easydry reassured us from the beginning. Tabitha and I are well-versed in the language and accreditation of sustainability so we could see instantly that Easydry was the only towel that could back up its claims. We haven’t been disappointed. That honesty and culture of openness is part of the whole Easydry experience."

Anja Dellicompagni

Francesco Group, UK

"The great thing about Easydry is that they are so much more hygienic than cotton towels. We use them once and then they go straight in the recycling bin. Our clients are loving them."

Richard Bemm

Vetiver Hair Spa, USA.

"If you, as a salon owner, are at all interested in running a clean, sustainable, modern, cutting edge business that implements the best of todayʼs choices, while at the same time reduces your impact on the planet, then there is not a more sustainable option than Easydry."

Kristian Tognini

Tognini’s Hair Face Body and AKA, Queensland, Australia

""I think Easydry is a great product. A salon will save so much electricity and water using this amazing environmentally friendly product."

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