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How to use Easydry?


Before a colour treatment

Ensure the best experience for your colour clients by following these simple instructions.

  1. Use either an Easydry Hair Towel or an Easydry Short Towel depending on the length of the clients hair.
  2. Place the towel around the shoulders high up on the client’s neck. 
  3. Next, secure an Easydry Technical Cape over the towel.  
Not a drop of water or hint of tint will get through Easydry totally impermeable capes, ensuring clients are comfortable and their clothes safe.

Before shampooing

Ensure the best experience for your clients by following these simple instructions

  1. Use either an Easydry Hair Towel or an Easydry Short Towel depending on the length of the clients hair.
  2. Place the Easydry towel around the shoulders.
  3. Ask the client to lean back comfortably into the basin.

The Easydry towels are so absorbent that, used correctly, you should only require one towel per client.


Drying hair

Easydry towels are highly absorbent. Used correctly, you should require one Easydry towel per client.

  1. Shampoo and condition the client's hair as usual.
  2. Gently squeeze excess moisture from the hair with you hands working from the forehead through to the ends. This can be done several times as required.
  3. Remove the Easydry towel from the clients shoulders and gently blot the hair to remove excess moisture again working from the forehead through to the ends. Easydry is so absorbent there is no need to rub. This also ensure the hair remains tangle free and cuticle remains smooth.
Next you can wWrap the hair into a turban with the Easydry towel.

Creating a turban

An Easydry turban ensures your clients can wait comfortably for their stylist without dripping hair or without their hair drying out too much for cutting and styling.

  1. Ask the client to lift their head and lay the towel flat across the basin close to the client’s hairline. Place one third of the towel to the left and two thirds to the right. Ask the client to lean back into the basin again ensure the Easydry towel is held securely against the basin. 
  2. With both hands stretch out the right side of the towel applying firm tension.
  3. Wrap the towel around the head along and covering the hairline to the client’s left side.
  4. Hold the towel firmly in place behind the ear with your right hand.
  5. Use your left hand to stretch the left side of the towel out (again apply firm tension) and wrap across the forehead. Tuck the end under at the client’s right temple.
  6. Ask the client to sit up at the same time support the client’s forehead and nape with your hands.
  7. Pile any long hair on top of the head inside the towel. It is important that longer hair is not sitting below the occipital bone.
  8. Twist the towel and tuck the end under the client’s right temple to secure the turban.
The Easydry towel can be taken out of the turban and can rest on the clients shoulders when the stylist is ready for the client.
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