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Waterless Towels


Waterless Towels


Easydry waterless towels are disposable and don’t need to be laundered – simply use once and then the towel can be disposed of in compostable or recyclable waste. Using just 1 Easydry Medium Disposable Towel can save on average 5 litres of water compared with laundering 1 cotton towel. 


Waterless Towels - disposable towels that don't need to be laundered


Easydry Disposable Towels - What are the benefits?


All of the towels in the Easydry range are eco-friendly and are superiour to scratchy cotton towels. Easydry towels have a smooth texture which makes them kind to skin and hair. Our towels are made from medical grade fibres so they are very hygienic. Even better, they can absorb up to ten times their weight in moisture - that makes them four times more absorbent than cotton towels! What's more luxurious than having your own personal towel - every time! 


Waterless Towels from Easydry - single use so no washing needed

How to use Easydry Waterless Towels


  1. Simply use the towel with a gentle blotting motion - as it's super-absorbent you don't need to rub the skin roughly like with cotton towels.
  2. The towel is single use or single user. In a professional environment it can be used once. But if you want to re-use it again on yourself, you can do that. 
  3. After use, dispose of the towel in biodegradable / compostable waste. It can also be disposed of with cardboard.
  4. As the towels are single use, there is no need to worry about laundering them - this makes them very convenient.



Easydry Waterless Towels - Quantities


Easydry waterless towels are available in different sizes, colours and quantities and they are multi-purpose towels. See some of our products below:


Easydry Medium Towels  - 80x43cm - available in boxes of 50, 200, 450 or 900 - can be used to dry hands or hair.

Easydry Bath Towel - 80x135cm - available in boxes of 300 - can be used to dry after a shower or a bath.


Enjoy the convenience of a disposable towel, without worrying about the environment. 


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