We have all been enjoying the glorious good weather recently. however, one down side to the sunshine is that water authorities have been issuing warnings about water shortages and many have already asked the public to reduce their water consumption!

As the Irish Independent reports, recently, in just 1 day in Dublin, some 609 million litres were consumed in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) but the utility can only produce 610 million, meaning there is no spare capacity in the event of a mains burst or problem at a treatment plant. The article continues, the issues are replicated in many schemes across the country, where supply and demand is under pressure.

Kate Gannon, Irish Water corporate affairs manager has urged the public to reduce their water consumption, saying that leaks were being fixed but improvements would not be sufficient to boost supplies. "If the drought is prolonged, water restrictions would become unavoidable given the trends," she said. "We need the public's support to reduce water usage. The top three measures that people can take are not using a hose to water the garden or wash cars, keeping paddling pools very shallow if they are being used and taking short showers rather than baths."

And what can businesses do? Clever salons have already eliminated the need for laundry by switching from cotton towels and traditional laundry, to eco-friendly Easydry disposable towels that are single use and do not need to be laundered. Using 1 Easydry disposable towel can save 5L of water compared with washing and drying a cotton salon towel.

If you are already saving water by using Easydry, why not let your clietns and the public know? Share the information on social media and encourage other salons to do the same. 

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