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Our Ecomission

Easydry Founder and CEO, Anne Butterly, introduced the world’s first eco-friendly disposable towel in 2003 to offer a more sustainable alternative to cotton towels. Easydry has established themselves as the reference-point for sustainable products and helped push the barriers of sustainability within the hairdressing, barber and beauty industries. Easydry’s commitment to sustainability throughout the past two decades has been recognised by achieving B Corp Certification in 2022.

Our Story

Easydry Founder and CEO, Anne Butterly, came up with the idea for the world’s first eco-friendly disposable towel in 2003 while living with six other women in Dublin. Fed up with endless piles of stained towels left by her flatmates after they had coloured their hair, she went looking for an eco-friendly alternative.

After learning there wasn’t an alternative and discovering the environmental issue caused by cotton towels, Anne introduced the first ever eco-friendly disposable towel. Almost two decades later, Easydry has established themselves as the pioneers of disposable towels and reference-point for sustainable products within the hairdressing, barber, fitness, beauty and hospitality industries

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The Cotton Problem

When cotton towels inevitability become discoloured and scratchy, they are thrown out and end up in landfills. To improve durability, cotton towels are often mixed with synthetics, polyester and other plastics that simply do not break down for thousands of years.

When cotton towels are end up in landfills, they contribute to the endless list of the damaging effects landfill sites have on the environment and wildlife.

Additionally when these cotton towels are washed they pollute the environment further. An average washing load containing synthetic and polyester fabrics release up to 700,000 individual microplastics and 50 litres of chemically contaminated water into our rivers and oceans. Most salons use bleach to clean their towels which can also contaminate the surroundings further.

A typical salon wastes a staggering 60,000 litres of water each year on laundry alone. One of the most severe crises facing cities around the globe is water shortages. When you make the switch to Easydry disposable towels, you reduce the water that is wasted by your washing machine, helping the planet and all its inhabitants. On top of that, cultivation of Easydry’s raw materials uses approximately 40 times less water than the cultivation of cotton.

In order to power your washing machines and dryers to keep up with a fresh rotation of cotton towels huge amounts of energy are required. By cutting out cotton towel laundry and reducing your electricity usage, you are reducing the need to burn fossil fuels in order to produce energy. This lowers the level of harmful gases entering the atmosphere

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Our Solution

Easydry eco towels can be disposed in your general, recyclable or compost bin. They are 100% biodegradable and fully decompose within 12 weeks eliminating any threat to the environment regardless of where they end up. This can’t be said for cotton towels that take thousands of years to breakdown. Easydry towels are single-use, completely eliminating any cotton towel laundry.

When you switch to Easydry disposable towels, you can completely eliminate cotton towel laundry, helping the environment in the following ways:

  • Eliminate the chemically contaminated water and microplastics that are released from washing the cotton and synthetic mixed fabric of modem cotton towels.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint by minimising the energy required to run your business. To keep up a fresh rotation of cotton towels, vast amounts of energy are required to power your washing machines and dryers.
  • Access to fresh water is a major issue for many people throughout the world with WWF estimating that 1.1 billion people lack access to water. On average a salon wastes a 60,000 litres of water each year on laundry alone. To put it in perspective, if all the salons in the UK pulled together and switched to Easydry disposable towels, we could save 2.1 billion litres of water each year.
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Easydry towels are made using a technologically advanced process where wood pulp is turned into recyclable, biodegradable and compostable towels. Importantly, no chemicals are used during this eco-friendly process.

Easydry takes its responsibilities seriously when sourcing it’s raw materials. The trees that provide our raw material come from sustainable, properly managed forestry. We use no chemical fertilisers or pesticides, artificial irrigation, genetic modification or illegally harvested wood. Our trees are grown on marginal land unsuitable for food crops or human habitation. As a final step, our forestry sources are continuously monitored, assessed and certified.

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Eco Certs
Easydry is a certified B Corporation
Easydry has achieved OK Compost Industrial certification from TUV Austria
Easydry has achieved OK Compost Home certification from TUV Austria
Easydry is OK Compost Seedling certified by TUV Austria
Easydry won the Green TechnologyAward at the Green Awards 2021
Easydry won the Green Entrepreneur Award at the Green Awards 2015
Easydry won the Sustainable Water Achievement Award at the Green Awards 2015
Easydry won the Green Entrepreneur Award 2011 at the Green Awards 2011
Easydry won the Irish Times Innovation Award 2010

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If you would like to try out Easydry disposable towels we suggest ordering the medium towel. This is our most popular product, an all-rounder hairdressing towel.

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