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Explore our sustainable Easydry products designed for the gym and fitness industry.

Easydry for Gym

Explore our sustainable Easydry products designed for the gym and fitness industry. Easydry towels make the perfect companion for patrons while exercising at the gym or pilates studio. They come in a range of sizes to cover equipment and wipe sweat away during a gym, yoga or pilates session. And, the full bath size towel provides a super-convenient solution for use after a shower at the gym or fitness club.

What Our Customers Say

Easydry has a full range of sustainable products that are ideal for your business.
Ian Haynes

Totnes, UK

Easydry is perfect for the gym. It’s irritating having to bring your own towel to the gym, but it’s better than using one of the reused towels they hire out. Yuk! The management try hard, but the towels are scratchy and a bit stained. I’m big on hygiene, so a single-use towel is perfect.

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Reduce your carbon footprint. By cutting out cotton towel laundry and reducing your electricity usage, you are reducing the need to burn fossil fuels in order to produce energy. This lowers the level of harmful gases entering the atmosphere. Easydry towels are single-use, completely eliminating any cotton towel laundry.

Easydry towels are 100% biodegradable and fully decompose within 12 weeks, eliminating any negative effect to the environment. To improve durability, cotton towels are often mixed with synthetics, polyester and other plastics that simply do not break down for thousands of years. When cotton towels are thrown out they end up in landfills, they contribute to the endless list of the damaging effects landfill sites have on the environment and wildlife. Additionally, an average washing load containing synthetic and polyester fabrics release up to 700,000 individual microplastics and 50 litres of chemically contaminated water into our rivers and oceans. Most salons use bleach to clean their towels which can further contaminate environmental surroundings.

A typical salon wastes a staggering 60,000 litres of water each year on laundry alone. One of the most severe crises facing cities around the globe is water shortages. When you make the switch to Easydry disposable towels, you reduce the water that is wasted by your washing machine, helping the planet and all its inhabitants. On top of that, cultivation of Easydry’s raw materials uses approximately 40 times less water than the cultivation of cotton.

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Scientific research shows that bacteria and viruses colonise cotton towels, even when laundered, large quantities still survive. The only way to minimise bacteria and viruses is to use bleach, wash at 60°, sterilise washing machine drums and tumble dry at high temperatures.

Clients are more worried than ever about hygiene. As Easydry towels are single-use, you can guarantee clients a brand new Easydry towel that has never touched another head every single time

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Save Space

When you make the switch to Easydry disposables, there is no need to store bulky cotton towels anymore. Furthermore, you can now get rid of your washing machine and dryer.

This extra space opens up the possibility for:

  • Another styling station.
  • A revenue generating retail stand.
  • An additional backwash area.
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You can now relax knowing you have a fresh supply of Easydry towels ready to go for your gym members and forget about all the time wasted with laundry. End the daily grind of laundering cotton towels and put this saved time towards a more productive use when you switch to Easydry.

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