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What’s Living on Your Towel?

Scientific tests show that microorganisms can
colonise cotton towels. These microorganisms
include bacteria such as Methicillin-resistant
Staphylococcus aureus. This is commonly known as
MRSA. This can infect humans. And COVID-19.
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Bacteria can survive on cotton towels for extended periods of time, even after the towels have dried. MRSA bacteria can be transferred from towel to hand up to, and beyond 48 hours after the towel has been contaminated.

Human-to-human transmission occurs when contaminated towels are not washed or are washed inadequately between uses. Even if towels are laundered after every use, large quantities of bacteria can survive the laundry process.


In attempts to improve environmental performance, certain chemical ingredients have been removed from laundry detergents. These changes have compromised the hygienic performance of detergents, rendering them inefficient as disinfectants.

Easydry’s award-winning environmental performance does not compromise hygienic standards.

Dirty Laundry

Scientific analysis has found that laundry is a microbiological hotspot, with many microorganisms able to survive the laundry process.

For a cotton towel to be correctly disinfected, bacteria must beremoved thermally and chemically. This means that modern detergents and low-temperature wash cycles are inadequate disinfectants. The only way to minimise virus and bacteria transmission is to use bleach and a high-temperature wash cycle.

Easydry towels eliminate
the need for laundry.


Transmission of bacteria via fabrics is affected by the fabric construction of the garment. Scientific investigation has shown that the non-woven structure of Easydry has proved to be a barrier against transmission of bacteria such as E. coli and S. aureus whereas woven fabrics like cotton and some other disposables allow transmission of bacteria.

The eco-certified fibres used exclusively by Easydry are more resistant to bacteria than woven fibres in cotton towels and some disposables.

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