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ls Easydry for me?

Would you like to relax knowing you have a constant supply of clean, eco towels that your clients and team love at all times? With Easydry you can say goodbye to discoloured, scratchy cotton towels and unmotivated assistants forced to do laundry rather than learn their craft.

You Need Easydry Disposable Towels If You Want To:

  • Provide a premium service to clients
  • Guarantee hygienic standards
  • Focus on your clients, not your laundry
  • Contribute to a sustainable future
  • End the daily grind of laundering cotton towels
  • Save on costs
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Benefits for Business Owners

How can upgrading to Easydry disposable towels benefit you as a business owner?

  • A premium service to clients – you can offer them their own personal Easydry disposable towel
  • Cost control – keep a closer eye on your costs and reduce waste
  • Simplified business management – keep a closer eye on your towel consumption
  • Reduced carbon footprint – Contribute towards a sustainable environment
  • Save Time – Reduce the amount of time your staff spend on laundry and put this time to more productive use

Benefits for Salon Juniors or Trainees

How can switching from cotton towels to Easydry biodegradable towels benefit your juniors or trainees?

  • Less time spent doing laundry
  • More time spent training which means they can qualify more quickly
  • More time can be spent with your clients, building stronger relationships

Benefits for Clients

What benefits does the Easydry system offer to your clients? Our disposable towels and other products are:

  • Clean and fresh towel – every client, every time
  • Hygienic – 100% hygiene guaranteed
  • Soft and luxurious

Easydry has changed the way so many businesses work –

But don’t just take our word for it! View our testimonials page to watch and read what businesses across the globe have to say about Easydry.




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