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Short Barber Towel – Subscription

€251-332 / month

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Enhance your barber shop in Ireland with Easydry’s Short Barber Towel Subscription. Raise service quality & be more efficient. Subscribe now!


  • Short Barber Towel – Subscription
  • Subscribe and save
  • Auto-deliveries every 1 month – save 5-20% (click ‘Savings’ tab for more info)
  • 1800 short barber towels
  • 30 x 60 cm
  • All-rounder barber disposable towel
  • Perfect size to dry short hair
  • 3 times more absorbent than a cotton towel
  • Single-use towel, completely eliminating any cotton towel laundry
  • 100% biodegradable – the eco-friendly alternative
  • Compostable and recyclable
  • Ultra-Anti-Tear Technology ensures strength even when wet
  • One towel system – Only one towel needed per client

What Our Customers Say

Easydry is loved by Chris Foster
Chris Foster

Foss Training Academy

As an international barber educator I have to work with the best products. Easydry provides the highest standards of hygiene and helps me to achieve my best. The Easydry disposable towel system is the easiest in the business, there is no need to launder and dry towels again, you simply use the Easydry towel and you’re done.

Easydry has a full range of sustainable products that are ideal for your business.
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When you switch to Easydry single-use towels you can completely eliminate cotton towel laundry which reduces your electricity usage and carbon footprint.

Additionally, you can reduce the water that is wasted by your washing machine. A typical salon wastes 60,000 litres of water each year on laundry alone. Easydry towels are 100% biodegradable, eliminating any negative effect to the environment. To improve durability, cotton towels are often mixed with synthetics and polyester that do not break down for thousands of years. When thrown out they end up in landfills, where they contribute to an endless list of damaging effects on the environment.

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Easydry has a full range of sustainable products that are ideal for your business.
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Cost Saving

Save money every time you use an Easydry disposable towel. When you switch from cotton to Easydry disposable towels you eliminate all laundry costs.

Escape the huge electricity bills associated with running your washing machines and dryers. Salons have slashed their electricity bill by up to 50% after switching. Save up to 87 hours per month on labour costs related to laundry duties such as gathering, washing, drying, folding and restocking cotton towels. Wave goodbye to hidden costs which include buying cotton towels and replacing worn out towels and endless supplies of detergents.

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Easydry has a full range of sustainable products that are ideal for your business.
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Time Saving

You can relax knowing you have a fresh supply of Easydry towels ready to go for your clients and forget about all the time wasted with laundry.

On average, a 4-stylist salon spends 3 hours per day on laundry. End the daily grind of laundry and put this saved time towards a more productive use when you switch to Easydry. You can now take on more clients which means one thing… an increase in profits. You also have more time for training juniors, helping them to get qualified sooner.

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Homeowners: Easydry has developed a range of towels, turbans and capes that simplify home hair colour and skin treatments.
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Save Space

When you make the switch to Easydry disposables, there is no need to store bulky cotton towels anymore. Furthermore, you can now get rid of your washing machine and dryer.

This extra space opens up the possibility for:

  • Another styling station.
  • A revenue generating retail stand.
  • An additional backwash area.
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