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Compostable Gown Training

Compostable Gown Training from Easydry.


 Step 1. Fasten the gown securely around the clients neck ensuring there are no gaps.

Step 2. Tuck the bow / knot under / inside the gown.

Step 3. Ensure the two sides of the gown cross-over each other at the back fully to ensure the clients back is fully protected.

Step 4. The gown can be placed over the chair to protect the client and the furniture – this is great for long, mermaid / Kardashian style hair.

Tip: The gown gives great coverage – front and back – but if your client needs longer coverage at the back, the Easydry gown can be worn with the long section to the back instead of the front.


Compostable Gown Training from Easydry.


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