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Easydry Hot/Cold Thermal Towel

Easydry Hot Cold Thermal Towel

The Easydry Hot/Cold (Thermal) towel is thicker than other Easydry towels and it has a beautiful texture. This towel is specially designed to be heated or chilled and can be used for hot shaves, Facials and luxurious Hair Treatments. This towel can be chilled and used during hot shaves and facials or as a welcome towel.


Training on the Easydry Hot Cold Thermal Towel

This towel is pristine, totally odourless and hygienic which makes it ideal for all of these treatments unlike cotton which can have a musty or detergent odour.

Step 1. Unfold the towel to fluff out the fibres (they may have become compressed in the box so open them up slightly to fluff up the fibres).

Step 2. Dampen the towel and remove excess moisture. Roll / re-fold the towel.

Step 3. Heat to the required temperature in a caddy or microwave. Or place in a fridge / cooler to cool it.

Step 4. Check the temperature, gently unroll the towel and use immediately on the client.
This towel retains its heat for up to 45 seconds which is the perfect amount of time to open the pores for a hot shave / facial. The same towel can be used on the same client several times during the same treatment as it is very robust.

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