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Salon Sustainability Tips

Easydry has a full range of sustainable products that are ideal for your business.

Salon Sustainability Tips

The idea for the world’s first disposable towels was born in response to the environmental issue caused by cotton towels. The issue is prevalent in hair salons where a supply of clean cotton towels is required to keep up with daily operations. A problematic consequence of salons operating washing machines and driers on a constant basis is the huge amount of water and electricity required. As costs increase keeping up with laundry so does your salons carbon footprint. Salons around the globe are taking advantage of Easydry disposable products to combat the environmental issues and exorbitant costs linked to cotton towels.


Build a green business with Easydry

When you make the move from cotton towels to Easydry disposables you help the environment in three major ways:

  1. Reducing your electricity usage reduces the demand for the burning of fossil fuels. This lowers the level of harmful gases entering the atmosphere.
  2. One of the most severe crises facing cities is water shortages. When you take this into consideration it obvious why reducing water usage in your salons helps our planet.
  3. Cotton towels are often mixed with synthetics which removes its biodegradable properties. When cotton towels are thrown out they end up in landfills. The list of damaging effects landfill sites have on the environment is endless.

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disposable towels


Solutions to salon waste

Here at Easydry, we are pushing the hair industry in a more sustainable direction and that’s why we would love to introduce you to Green Salon Collective. They are helping salons become more ethical by providing a service that collects 100% of your waste. Their focus is finding circular solutions for salon waste. Here are a few examples:

  1. Using hair cuttings to clean up oil spills. It’s no secret that hair absorbs oil which led to the idea of tightly packing hair cuttings into tubes called hair booms. When placed around oil spills, these blooms stop oil from spreading and damaging wildlife.
  2. Turning your chemical waste into electricity. GSC sends your chemical waste to a speciality facility that produces electricity during an incineration process.
hair boom
Hair boom being used to prevent an oil spill from spreading. Photograph: Green Salon Collective


Easydry & Green Salon Collective Partnership

We are proud to announce that Easydry has partnered up with Green Salon Collective to provide salons with an easy path to a sustainable future. In order to celebrate we would love to offer all Easydry customers a 15% discount off their first Green Salon Collective order. Here’s how to make the most of this incredible offer:

  1. Visit
  2. Add the products you wish to purchase to your shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout. Enter EASYDRY15 in the “Discount code” section and click “Apply”.

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