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Easydry Towel Training

In Easydry Towel Training

As Easydry towels are super-absorbent, you do not need to rough dry as you would with cotton. This means that using Easydry, the hair cuticle remains smoother, resulting in shinier, healthier hair for your clients. Once you have mastered the Easydry Technique, you will need just one Easydry towel per client. It is a simple product and a simple technique, however, training is crucial to ensure the best results.


Towel Training How To

Step 1. Place an Easydry towel across the front of the client – you no longer need to place a towel on the shoulders or along the neckline. However, if you still wish to place a towel on the shoulders, we suggest you use an Easydry Short Hair towel instead of a full Easydry Hair Towel.

Step 2. After washing and conditioning, squeeze the hair with your hands, gently from the crown through to the lengths to remove excess moisture. Repeat more than once if required.

Step 3. Pat or blot the hair dry with the Easydry towel. Use the full length of the towel and work your way down from the crown through the lengths. The hair is now towel dry.

Step 4. Make an Elegant Easydry Turban. Place the Easydry towel across the basin ensuring that the clients’ neck holds the wide side of the towel in place at the basin.

Step 5. Curl the length of hair up towards the crown and hold in place with the wide side of the towel. Hold the hair and the end of the towel in one hand firmly.

Step 6. On the right-hand side, bring the two corners of the towel together and bring them firmly across the top of the head. Hold the end of the towel in one hand firmly.

Step 7. On the left-hand side, bring the other two corners of the towel together and bring them firmly across the top of the head. Tuck the two corners under the towel at the crown.

Step 8. All of the hair should now be firmly, securely and comfortably wrapped or turbaned. The hair will not drip down the clients’ neck and the hair remains ready for styling.


In conclusion, below you can find some common questions clients may ask you when you first introduce Easydry towels to your salon:


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Training Video: If you would like to learn more, Easydry has a training video on our YouTube channel.

Shop: To shop the Easdyry range, click HERE.

Easydry is a new-generation textile, an innovative and highly functional drying material that guarantees complete hygiene and environmental sustainability. Made from natural fibres, Easydry towels are the new alternative to outdated cotton towels and laundry systems.

Easydry replaces old-fashioned salon towel systems. Easydry towels are used once only, with a fresh, clean towel for each client every time. Easydry ends the constant headache of ensuring a constant supply of clean towels.

Easydry towels come in many sizes to suit the individual client, with smaller towels for short hair and medium or large towels for longer hair.

The switch to the Easydry towel system should be introduced enthusiastically to clients. They will be particularly interested to hear how this change will benefit them.

  1. We are switching to Easydry to improve our already high levels of service. As a salon, we want to be recognised as a market leader promoting the highest standards of hygiene and sustainability. Introducing the innovative Easydry towel system is a simple way of doing that.
  2. Easydry has proved its worth over the years in world-class training academies such as L’Oréal, Wella and Goldwell.
  3. Easydry means each client gets a fresh, new towel every time. Each towel is completely clean and will be used just once, guaranteeing no cross-contamination. Cotton towels, on the other hand, even when they are washed properly, can still harbour dangerous bacteria.
  4. Easydry towels allow us to dry clients’ hair to the perfect moisture level for the next part of their service. Because they are so absorbent, and dry by patting or blotting rather than rubbing, they are particularly gentle on clients’ hair and scalp.
  5. Putting a client’s hair into a turban formed from an Easydry towel is more comfortable than wrapping it with a cotton towel. Easydry is lighter on the head and keeps the hair secure and dry. It looks great as the client waits between treatments.
  6. Our salon will now use much less water, power and detergent, which is great for the environment. We will receive a water certificate from Easydry to show how much water we save each year.
  7. Easydry towels go out with the recycling and will compost in 12 weeks, which is also great as it cuts the amount of waste that cannot be reused or recycled.
  8. Easydry towels are also perfect for treatments at home. They are far gentler on hair and keep moisture at the perfect level to allow treatments to take better. Let clients know they can buy retail packs of Easydry towels at reception.