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Gym Towels

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Gym Towel

  • Are you looking for the ideal gym towel, sports towel or sweat towel?
  • Are you tired of using the same unhygienic cotton towels to wipe machines clean and then dry yourself?
  • Do you hate rough paper towels at the gym?
  • Are you looking for an innovative, high-performance, compact towel for your kit bag?

Easydry Disposable Gym Towel System

Look no further. The Easydry Disposable Gym Towel system is the ideal solution for your gym and health club needs. Our range of disposable gym towel products will ensure a pleasurable, hygienic and convenient workout. Using Easydry disposable gym towels while working out at your gym or health club will reduce your contact with other peoples sweat and ensure a more hygienic workout for you.

And when it comes to the post workout shower – we also have a range of bath / shower towels that are soft, absorbent and compact. Instead of carrying around a damp, bulky cotton shower towel, simply slip an Easydry Shower towel into your kit bag. It is compact, kind to you skin and can be reused by you.

Gym Towel Hygiene

Recent articles in the media (see end of page) and research on gym behaviour and etiquette always raises the issue of towel hygiene. No one likes the idea of coming into contact with someone else’s sweat, yet this is what happens in gyms and health clubs all the time because of the existing gym towel systems. Easydry disposable gym towels allow gyms and health clubs to promote a higher standard of hygiene.

Gym Towel System from Easydry

Gym Users: To learn more about our range of disposable gym towels and disposable shower towels please click here .

Gym Owners: For more information on what Easydry has to offer your gym or health club please email

Towel Hygiene in the Media

Recent articles by CBC Sports and Longevity Live among other has highlighted a need for greater hygiene in sports. Click on the links below to read these articles in full:

  • CBC Sports: “U.S. Open: Towel rubdowns increase ick factor” – click here to read more.
  • CBC Sports: “6 Steps to keep gym equipment hygienic” – click here to read more.
  • Times of Malta: “A Guide to Hygiene Protection” – click here to read more.
  • Washington Post: “Risk of MRSA skin infection still lurks in NFL 10 years after Brandon Noble’s case” – click here to read more.
  • The Telegraph: “A visit to the gym is an etiquette nightmare” – click here to read more.
  • Longevity Live: “How hygienic is your gym kit” – click here to read more.

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