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Compostable Barber Gown – Subscription - Monthly

$540.00 $513.00 / month

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  • 300 items in black
  • Water-resistant and colour-resistant
  • Ideal for colour services to protect clients clothing
  • Full length gown – protects upper and lower body clothing
  • 100% biodegradable – the eco-friendly alternative
  • Eco-friendly alternative to regular plastic gowns
  • Clients comment that they are comfortable and not as hot as fabric or plastic gowns
  • Packed in bags of 30 with 10 bags per box


Buy In Bulk And Save Monthly

Range Discount
Buy 1 packs of 300 5%
Buy 2 packs of 300 10%
Buy 3 packs of 300 15%
Buy 4 packs of 300 20%

What Our Customers Say

Karen Dodd

Karen Dodd Salons

I have been completely converted having seen the success of both the Easydry gown and towels in my salon. I think it has been a combination of the factors such as cost savings, absorbency, client comfort and it’s luxury feel, which has quite surprised me.

Protect Your Clients

A water-resistant and colour resistant fabric prevents water or even a hint of tint from getting through our shielding gowns. Keep your clients comfortable and their clothes safe, whilst exuding professionalism in your salon. Easydry gowns prevent any drips or spills staining your clients clothing.

The Sustainable Choice

Our gown is 100% compostable with the certificates to back it up – Industrial Composting, Home Composting and Seedling certified by TUV Austria. This is the eco-friendly alternative to plastic and fabric gowns that end up in landfill sites and do not break down for thousands of years. The list of damaging effects landfill sites have on the environment and wildlife is endless. Unlike fabric and plastic gowns, our compostable gowns decompose, eliminating any threat to the environment.

Full Circle

Leading London based salon, Anne Veck Salons, gives clients their gowns at the end of their appointments so they can bring them back for their next appointment. This closes the product lifecycle loop. They also give the clients the option to recycle or compost the gowns if they would prefer.

Provide Comfort

Made using a soft material that sits comfortably around your guest providing a relaxing experience. Many salons have commented that their clients prefer our compostable gowns as they do not heat them up to uncomfortable levels like fabric and plastic gowns.