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Premium Shoulder Capes


  • 55 x 76 cm
  • Ideal way to protect your clothing while applying hair colour at home
  • No need to use and stain your cotton towels anymore
  • 3 capes per pack
  • 2 Layers: 1 to absorb spills and 1 to protect your clothing
  • Water-resistant and colour-resistant
  • 100% recyclable – the eco-friendly alternative

What Our Customers Say

Gary Hooker & Michael Young

(Owners of Hooker & Young)

We have been using Easydry for over 10 years now and we absolutely love it. It’s been a game changer for us. Our staff love it and our clients love the fact that we can offer them their own personal towel that is individual to them. Cotton towels now seem like a thing of the past. When I think back now to how the salon used to operate on a busy day, it’s a weird thought. I can’t imagine going back to worrying about having enough cotton towels for a busy day.

Protect Your Clients

A water-repellent backing ensures that not a drop of water or hint of tint gets through our totally impermeable capes. Keep your clients comfortable and their clothes safe, whilst exuding professionalism in your salon. Easydry shoulder capes consist of two protective layers – one layer to absorb any drips or spills and one to protect clients clothing.

The Sustainable Choice

This cape is recyclable and breaks down much quicker than plastic or fabric shoulder capes.

All dyes used during manufacturing are non-toxic and harmless to the environment.

Use Multiple Times

Our capes are single use or if you choose, you can re-use several times. Thanks to the high-quality of materials used to produce these capes, many of our customers hold on to their capes and re-use multiple times.

Provide Comfort

Made using a soft material that sits comfortably around your client providing a relaxing experience. Many salons have commented that their clients prefer our capes as they do not heat them up to uncomfortable levels like fabric and plastic capes.