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Starter Pack Austria

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Starter Pack Austria: Act now as this promotion is for a limited time only

Our best-selling Starter Pack has everything you need to trial Easydry in your salon and discover your favourite product. 

Are you interested in trying Easydry disposable towels or capes, but are reluctant to commit to buying a full box as your first order? Check out our Starter Pack – the ideal way to get started with Easydry. Order the starter pack today and you can start using our top 5 products in your salon.

Giving the products a full trial in your salon will give you the confidence to move on to a full box with your second order and avail of our tailored pricing to ensure you get the best value possible for your salon.

Please note that these Starter Packs are available in Black and in White but are limited to one Starter Pack per customer.

Easydry Disposable Small Towel being used for a manicure          Easydry Disposable Towels White            Easydry Short Towel on a female clients shoulder

Easydry Starter Pack – what’s included?

The White Starter Box contains the following:

  • Easydry Hair Towels (80 x 43cm) – 1 bag of 50 white hair towels – ideal for drying hair of all lengths
  • Easydry Short Towels (60 x 30cm) – 1 bag of short white towels – ideal for drying short hair
  • Easydry Small Towels (30 x 20cm) – 1 box of 70 small white towels – ideal for drying hands
  • Easydry Bath Towel (135 x 80cm) – 1 individually wrapped white towel – ideal for body treatments
  • Easydry Shoulder Capes (80 x 55cm) – 5 individually folded capes (mixed colours) – ideal for all colour treatments, tints, straightening etc.
  • Easydry Two Pack (80 x 43cm) – 2 of our Hair Towels in a box – great way to try our Hair Towel in a different colour. The box is also the ideal way to introduce Easydry to your clients.

Please note that there is a Black Starter Pack also available.

Easydry Starter Pack

Easydry Starter Pack – what else is included?

  • Testimonials from happy Easydry clients explaining why they made the switch to Easydry
  • Training information to ensure you and your staff get the best from our products
  • In Salon marketing material to let your clients know about the new product
  • Hygiene sticker to display in your window to let your clients know that your towels are 100% hygienic
  • Disposal information
  • Social media information so you know how to get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube
  • Product range sheet to show the full range of Easydry products available
  • We can also include free samples of other products from our range for you to try (on request)  


Starter Pack: How soon can I get mine?

Your trial box trial box will be delivered to your salon by courier asap. Delivery times on some products may vary.

Easydry Black Hair Towel on a female model       Easydry Disposable Large Towel          Easydry Black and White Hair Towels          

Easydry Starter Pack – how can I order? 

Click on the link to learn more about the Starter Pack: >> Easydry Starter Pack  

Act now as this promotion is for a limited time only.

Please note that these Starter Packs are limited to one per customer.


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