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Easydry Founder and CEO Anne Butterly invented what became Easydry towelling system in 2003 while living with six other girls in a flat in Dublin.

Fed up with endless piles of soggy, stained towels left by her flatmates after they had coloured their hair, she went looking for an alternative. Surprised to find there wasn’t one, she decided to invent her own solution – an absorbent and disposable towel.

A Master’s graduate of one of Ireland’s most prestigious colleges, the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, Anne realised that any disposable towel had to be eco-friendly, for business as well as environmental reasons. So she set about developing a product that was robust and affordable, yet with impeccable green credentials. Initially focusing her efforts on the consumer market, she soon realised that towel-dependent businesses, such as hair, beauty and healthcare, were desperate for a disposable product that would save them time and money, without creating an ecological disaster like that of plastic carrier bags.

Easydry was delighted to celebrate 13 years of continuous innovation in 2018.

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