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Disposable Salon Towels

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Disposable Salon Towels

Easydry launched its first product – a white disposable salon towel over ten years ago, back in 2005. Since then the white disposable salon towel has become wildly successful in salons around the globe including the UK, USA and Australia.

At 80 cm x 43cm, the Easydry Disposable Salon Towel is the ideal size for drying all lengths of hair. Incredibly absorbent, it can absorb up to ten times its weight in moisture. As the towel is so robust and so absorbent, just one is needed per client. This means less weight on a clients shoulders which is popular in hot climates and hot salons.

The Easydry disposable towel is 100 % biodegradable / compostable and it breaks down in just 12 weeks after use. The manufacture of this incredible disposable towel uses less water than cotton and laundering just one cotton towel once wastes on average 5 litres of water! Imagine how much water could be saved if every salon in the world made the easy switch to Easydry disposable towels!

There is a number of different box sizes available including: 50, 200, 450 and 900. Why not find the ideal colour and quantity for your business and place your first order with us today.

Disposable Black Salon Towel

Following on from the success of the Easydry white disposable salon towel, another towel has launched to rival its popularity – meet the black disposable salon towel. Incredibly popular in hairdressing salons – it is a particular favourite for colour services like balayage and ombre as it does not show any stains or excess colour.

Also at 80cm x 43cm, it is as absorbent and luxurious as the White Disposable Salon towel and is a welcome addition to the Easydry Disposable Towel range.

Available box sizes of 50, 200, 450 and 900 – find the ideal colour and quantity for your business.

Disposable Salon Towel – Trial Boxes

If you are reluctant to commit to a full box of 900 towels for your first order with Easydry, we have smaller trial boxes available: box sizes of 50, 200 and 450. Find the ideal colour and quantity of Easydry disposable salon towels for your business.

Click on the images below to view the Trial Boxes of Easydry Disposable Salon Towel in quantities of 50, 200 and 450.


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