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Easydry Celebrates World Environment Day 2023

Easydry Celebrates World Environment Day 2023

Easydry Celebrates World Environment Day 2023 – an Introduction

On World Environment Day 2023, Easydry Celebrates World Environment Day 2023. We are proud to say that Easydry joins the global community in celebrating and advocating for a healthier and more sustainable planet. We are a company deeply committed to environmental stewardship. Easydry continues to prioritize sustainable practices, marked by our prestigious OK Compost, FSC, and B Corp certifications. In this blog post, we will delve into Easydry’s dedication to preserving the environment. In addition to this, we will highlight the significance of our certifications in promoting sustainability.


OK Compost Certification: Promoting Compostable Solutions

Easydry’s OK Compost certification is a testament to our unwavering commitment to reducing waste and promoting compostable alternatives. This certification guarantees that our products, such as disposable towels and compostable gowns, meet strict standards for compostability. By opting for Easydry’s compostable solutions, businesses can significantly minimize their ecological footprint. This is because these Easydry products break down naturally, leaving behind nutrient-rich compost that can be used to enrich the soil.


FSC Certification: Supporting Responsible Forestry

At Easydry, we understand the importance of responsible forest management. This is why we have obtained the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, an internationally recognized standard for sustainable wood and paper products. The FSC certification ensures that our wood-based products, such as our disposable salon towels, originate from responsibly managed forests. By choosing Easydry, businesses can contribute to the preservation of forests and wildlife habitats. This is in addition to the well-being of local communities that depend on these ecosystems.


B Corp Certification: A Higher Standard of Corporate Responsibility

Easydry takes pride in being a certified B Corp, joining the global movement of businesses committed to balancing purpose and profit. This certification validates our holistic approach to sustainability. This approach encompasses not only environmental responsibility but also social and economic factors. B Corps meet rigorous standards of transparency, accountability, and social and environmental performance. By aligning our practices with the B Corp principles, Easydry demonstrates our dedication to operating as a force for good in the world focussing on People, Planet and Profit.


World Environment Day: A Call to Action

World Environment Day serves as an annual reminder for individuals and organizations to take action and safeguard the planet. At Easydry, we recognize the urgency of addressing environmental challenges, such as climate change, deforestation, and waste generation. Through our OK Compost, FSC, and B Corp certifications, we aim to empower businesses to make sustainable choices without compromising quality or convenience.

Easydry’s range of compostable products provides a viable alternative to traditional single-use items, reducing landfill waste and promoting the circular economy. By supporting responsible forestry practices through FSC-certified products, we contribute to the preservation of precious ecosystems. Our B Corp certification underscores our commitment to transparency and positive social impact. This drives us to continuously improve our sustainability practices.



World Environment Day 2023 is an occasion for reflection and action. At Easydry, we are proud to celebrate this day by reaffirming our commitment to sustainable solutions. Our OK Compost, FSC, and B Corp certifications serve as markers of our dedication to the planed. This includes a focus on reducing waste, supporting responsible forestry, and operating as a socially and environmentally responsible business. By choosing Easydry, businesses can embrace a greener future without compromising on quality or performance. Together, let us strive for a world that is healthier and more sustainable for generations to come. #beatplasticpollution #worldenvironmentday #easydry #thebetterwaytodry



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