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Easydry Takes on Kilimanjaro with Kiliclimb4kids

Easydry Takes on Kilimanjaro with Kiliclimb4kids | Empowering Children's Education

Empowering Children’s Education

We are thrilled to announce that Anne Butterly, our CEO and Founder, and Angela Byrne, our General Manager, are embarking on an incredible journey to support a Kilimanjaro Fundraiser for Education. Alongside eight other amazing hikers, they will climb Mount Kilimanjaro which is not only Africa’s tallest peak, but also the world’s tallest free-standing mountain. They are doing this to raise funds for three incredible not for profit organisations. They are MiDeskGlobal Africa, LIFT Ireland, and ACAS Argentina and they support children’s education globally.

19,000 Feet, 10 Hikers, 3 Organizations, 1 Mountain.

1 Goal: Quality Education For Everyone

 Why Are They Taking on This Challenge

This expedition is more than just a climb; it’s a powerful fundraiser for education. Anne Butterly was deeply inspired by Nelson Mandela when he said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This resonates with Anne and believes it is essential to give children a strong start in life, regardless of their background.

The team of hikers are entrepreneurs and want to use this experience to pay it forward to these three remarkable organisations. They aim to support children by ensuring they have access to quality education, which aligns with Easydry’s core values of curiosity, constant learning, and social responsibility.

The team’s goal is to raise awareness and funds for organisations that work towards providing education to children in need children who are deprived of basic education.

Their mission is to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal #4: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”


Meet the Charities

MiDeskGlobal Africa: UNESCO reports that over 3 million children in South Africa lack access to desks in their schools, a challenge faced by 95 million children across Africa and more than 400 million children globally. The MiDesk is a groundbreaking innovation that transforms a school bag into a desk and chair, complete with a solar light and USB charging port. This inventive design allows children to easily transport their workspace to and from school.

LIFT Ireland: LIFT Ireland is a social enterprise initiative aimed at increasing the level of positive leadership capabilities in Ireland.  their mission is to transform our society by enabling every young person, regardless of background or means, to improve their mental wellbeing, build self-leadership, and develop inner strength. LIFT’s programme is being rolled out nationwide via a volunteer facilitator network with a goal of reaching 10% of the population by 2028.

ACAS Argentina: build border schools and develop educational projects and social support actions that serve as a basis to improve the quality of life of children in the most remote communities of Argentine territory.

Meet the Hikers | Kilimanjaro Fundraiser for Education

  • Anne Butterly – CEO & Founder, Easydry
  • Angela Byrne – General Manager, Easydry
  • Farana Boodhram – Founder & CEO, MiDesk Global
  • Verónica Costa Orvalho – Founder & CEO, Didimo
  • Ciara Crossan – CEO & Founder, WeddingDates
  • Tina Warner-Keogh – Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Warner’s Distillery
  • Bevin Mahon – Managing Director, Dentaltech Ltd.
  • Michelle Pesce – DJ & Founder/CEO, nona entertainment
  • Hannah Wrixon – Co-Founder & CEO, Kella
  • Samuel Silva – Lab Manager, DentalTech

You can learn more about the incredible team of hikers here


Donate Now and Support Kiliclimb4kids

Kilimanjaro Fundraiser for Education | Anne’s Personal Motivation

Anne’s passion for education stems from her upbringing. Her mother was a teacher, and her father was an entrepreneur. They encouraged her to focus both on education and on entrepreneurship. This personal connection has deeply influenced her commitment to ensuring that all children have access to quality education.

Facing the Challenges Head-On

We spoke with Anne Butterly about the challenges she anticipates during the climb:

Altitude: “We’re preparing with acclimatization hikes and training to handle the high elevation.”

Mental Challenge: “Building mental resilience and team support is crucial to keep us motivated.”

Weather: “We’re equipping ourselves with the right gear and training for various weather conditions.”

Emotional Challenges: “Staying focused on our cause will help us remain strong and positive.”

Distance: “We’re increasing our endurance through long hikes to prepare for the trek.”

Despite these hurdles, Anne, Angela and the team are committed to reaching the summit. The cause of empowering children’s education is close to their hearts, driving them to overcome every obstacle on their path to the top.


A Message to Our Community

We really appreciate any support you can give us and these incredible not for profit organisations. Your contributions will significantly impact the education of children in Europe, South America and Africa, helping to build a brighter future for them. If you can, please donate and please leave us some messages of support on our Go Fund Me. Your support means the world to us.

Donate Now and Support Kiliclimb4kids


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