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Elevating Salon Eco-Standards: The Easydry and Net Zero Now Collaboration

Easydry and Net Zero Now are pioneering sustainable salon solutions

Sustainable Partnerships: Easydry and Net Zero Now

In an exciting step forward for sustainability within the hair, barber, beauty and hospitality industries, Easydry has proudly partnered with Net Zero Now. Together, we’re embracing the spirit of Earth Day—not just annually but every day—by providing salons with the tools they need to significantly reduce their environmental impact. Our collaboration is designed to help salons make a positive shift towards their Net Zero targets through practical, everyday actions and utilizing Sustainable Salon Solutions.


Revolutionizing Salons: Easydry’s Eco-Friendly Innovations and Sustainable Salon Solutions

As a B Corp certified organisation, Easydry’s commitment to the environment is unwavering. We offer an innovative line of biodegradable and recyclable Sustainable Salon Solutions and packaging that set new standards for eco-friendliness in the industry. Easydry towels are not only 100% compostable and recyclable but also more efficient and quicker to dry than traditional cotton towels. Easydry’s product range also includes compostable gowns, technical capes, bed roll and kimono gowns.  For an average salon of 6 stylists adopting Easydry’s towels can expect to save up to 586,427 litres of water and cut carbon emissions by up to 43% annually, aligning with both their and their clients’ sustainability goals.


Measure and Minimize: Reducing Carbon Footprints Together

Our collaboration with Net Zero Now is more than just a partnership; it’s a unified approach to offering salons a seamless way to assess and reduce their carbon footprint. In celebration of our joint efforts and in honour of Earth Day, we are excited to offer special discounts to welcome new clients into our eco-conscious community. Easydry customers will receive a 10% discount off the Net Zero Now platform for the first year and similarly Net Zero Now customers will receive 10% discount off their 1st Easydry order.


The Path to Sustainability: Net Zero Salons Initiative

The Net Zero Salons Initiative, launched by Net Zero Now in 2023, underscores our shared mission to empower salons on their sustainability journey. This initiative provides salons with the necessary tools, a bespoke roadmap to Net Zero, and a standard for certification, marking significant strides towards environmental stewardship in the salon industry.


Success Stories: Demonstrating Real-World Impact

OB-1 Hair Salon, a shared client of Easydry and Net Zero Now, exemplifies the tangible benefits of our partnership. Salon owner Lorraine Naughton highlights the importance of Easydry’s B Corp certification and the value of embarking on a Net Zero journey, showcasing the environmental and social impact of our collaborative efforts. “We at OB-1 use Easydry towels for so many reasons. One of the main reasons is that they are B Corp. And being a B Corp company stands for so much, socially and environmentally.  We are also thrilled to work with Net Zero Now to help develop a route to Net Zero for our salons.”


Navigating Sustainability: A Joint Effort for a Greener Future creating Sustainable Salon Solutions

Emily Tradd, Head of Partnerships and Customer Success and Emma Reilly, Marketing Manager at Easydry, both emphasize the critical role of our partnership in enabling salons, spas, and hotels to navigate the path to sustainability more smoothly. By integrating Easydry’s innovative products with Net Zero Now’s expertise, we are setting a new benchmark for eco-conscious practices across the industry.

Emily Tradd, Head of Partnerships and Customer Success, highlights: “This partnership promises to make the route to Net Zero much easier for many hair and beauty salons, hotels and spas. Most businesses are now acutely aware that they need to take action in the face of the climate emergency, but they often don’t know where to start, or believe that the process is much more difficult and time consuming than it actually is. Easydry provides innovative products to their customers to help them be as sustainable as possible, Net Zero Now can reduce the burden of sustainability management, and bringing the two offerings together is a massive step forward in catalysing decarbonisation among many of their clients.”

Emma Reilly, Marketing Manager at Easydry, says: “Our clients and community care about the environmental impact of their businesses and the products they use, we help empower them to make sustainable choices that benefit their businesses, their employees, their customers and most importantly the planet. This is why we are delighted to work with Net Zero Now, in offering Easydry customers a simple way to calculate their carbon footprint and find out how they can work to improve it.”


Join the Sustainability Movement: Your Net Zero Journey Begins Here

For salons eager to explore the journey towards becoming a Net Zero business, get in touch with the team at Net Zero Now


To stay up to date with Net Zero Now follow them online:



If you are interested in learning more about Easydry’s range  of Sustainable Salon Solutions, call the Customer Care Team on +1 888 876 9978 (US Free Phone) or mail today!

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