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Eco-Friendly Salon Spotlight: Rosina Luca Celebrates 10 Years of Sustainable Beauty Innovation

Celebrating 10 years | Rosina Luca A sustainable beauty salon: A Beacon of Beauty, Sustainability, and Innovation.

In the bustling world of beauty, where trends come and go with the changing seasons, Rosina Luca Beauty Studio is a sustainable beauty salon that stands as a testament to timeless elegance, environmental consciousness, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Nestled in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio, Rosina Luca Beauty Studio has, under the guidance of its founder and esteemed owner, Rosina Luca, flourished into a sanctuary for those seeking not just to look beautiful but to feel genuinely empowered and rejuvenated.


A Journey of Passion and Excellence

Rosina Luca, a name synonymous with beauty and grace, brings a rich heritage of Italian beauty philosophy and a sparkling resume of celebrity styling to her beloved studio. With over 25 years of dedicated service in the beauty industry, her journey is one of continuous growth, learning, and sharing. From her hands have come styles and looks that graced celebrities like Lauryn Hill and shone in the realms of print, TV, bridal showcases, and figure competitions.

Yet, it’s her Italian roots that infuse her work with a deeper meaning. The Luca family name, translating to “bringer of light,” encapsulates her mission—to unveil the inner glow of every individual she works with. It’s this ethos that has shaped the studio’s approach, offering a bespoke hair and beauty plan that aligns with each client’s unique features and desires, always with a nod to sustainability through the exclusive use of natural products from the Davines line.


A Sanctuary of Beauty and Care

Rosina Luca Beauty Studio is more than just a place to get your hair done. It’s a realm where “hair therapy” goes beyond the surface, aiming to nourish the soul and spirit of every guest. The studio’s ambiance and Rosina’s personal touch make every visit a rejuvenating experience, where beauty and well-being are intertwined.


Signature Services and Ethos

At the heart of the studio’s success are its signature services – hair colouring, blonding, and precision haircutting. Rosina believes in the harmony of colour and cut, stating, “If you have beautiful hair colour, you have to have a beautiful haircut to complete it all!” This philosophy has guided her in delivering exceptional results that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

Beyond the physical transformations, the studio is a beacon for eco-conscious beauty practices. This commitment is exemplified in the partnership with Easydry, whose biodegradable hair towels have revolutionized the studio’s operations. The switch to Easydry towels was a natural step for Rosina, drawn by the brand’s alignment with her values of sustainability, convenience, and gentleness on hair.


The Easydry Advantage in a Sustainable Beauty Salon

Since embracing Easydry’s innovative solutions, Rosina Luca Beauty Studio has witnessed transformative changes. The most impactful have been the increased convenience and the freeing up of space within the salon, facilitating a smoother, more efficient workflow. This change reflects Rosina’s broader eco-initiatives, including the adoption of sustainable haircare products certified by B Corporation.


A Legacy of Beauty and Sustainability

As Rosina Luca Beauty Studio celebrates a decade of unparalleled service, it remains a testament to the power of passion, heritage, and a commitment to sustainability. Rosina’s advice to fellow salons looking to embrace eco-friendliness revolves around recognizing the value of time, convenience, and the profound impact of sustainable practices.

Her top tips for business success—exemplary customer service, professionalism, continuous investment in craft and business, thorough consultations, and diligent follow-ups—mirror her journey and the ethos of her studio.

Rosina Luca Beauty Studio is a valued Easydry customer and is another of example of a sustainable beauty salon. As we celebrate this partnership, we invite you to experience the unique blend of care, beauty, and environmental consciousness that defines Rosina Luca Beauty Studio. Wishing Rosina a happy 10-year anniversary of her studio!


Visit Rosina Luca Beauty Studio and follow the journey towards sustainable beauty on Instagram and find on Facebook: Rosina Luca Beauty Studio LLC. Together, let’s redefine beauty for the modern era.

I have used Easydry towels for 10  years and I’m so glad I made the earth conscious decision to switch.  The towels are space saving for my small studio and I feel as if I’m doing my part sustainably by using Easydry towels. Customer service is fantastic. Thank You Easydry!!

Rosina Luca

To learn more about how Easydry can help your salon become more sustainable mail: 

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