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Salon Sustainability During the Festive Season

Salon Sustainability During the Festive Season

Sustainability has always been the core value here at Easydry – this is incredibly important during the festive season in salons. Founder and CEO Anne Butterly invented the Easydry disposable towels to combat the environmental impact of cotton towels and the carbon footprint associated with laundering them. It makes sense for Easydry, a company built around sustainability, to partner with Vish. They are leading the industry in reducing colour waste. We are delighted to work with them to focus on Salon Sustainability During the Festive Season.

There is no better time to make the switch


Salon sustainability during the hectic festive season is incredibly important. As we all know, the busiest time of the year is quickly approaching which means more clients, more supplies, and higher costs. As we all smile thinking about the rise in revenue at this time of year, the lurking consequence of increased colour waste is always present. Vish has come up with the essential salon solution to allow you to enjoy even more profits and less waste in the form of colour management technology.

The Benefits of Hair Colour Management 


It is easy to admit that there is a level of guess work when it comes to colour services. These can include guessing how much colour is dispensed, ratios of colours mixed, and how much product to order. Throwing away waste colour can cuts into your profits. However, there is now an efficient alternative.

Vish has completely revolutionised the game with their colour management technology. It enables salons to accurately dispense and measure your colour. An innovative scale that is connected via Bluetooth to a user-friendly app. This allows you to measure your colour bowl before and after the service. Incredibly, this enables you to charge your client exactly what you used on their service. It gets even better; this cut waste drastically in salons, as you are mixing only what is needed for a service. Additionally, all price changes are automatically sent to the front desk for a smooth checkout experience. Incredibly, this boosts salon profits 15%. There are many additional beneficial features such as storing favourites and automatically tracking client history without ever picking up a pen. Join the new era of salon profitability and take a step towards a greener future.

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How do I incorporate sustainable practices in my salon?


Salons are not always the most eco-friendly businesses out there! It’s obvious when you think about all the water and electricity that is used to keep a constant supply of clean towels in rotation. Every small change you implement makes a difference when it comes to sustainability but what if you could make a big difference immediately?

Research has proven that salons that switch from cotton towels to Easydry disposable towels save 60,000 litres of water per year. On top of that, the cultivation of the raw materials used in Easydry towels uses 40 times less water than the cultivation of cotton. Eliminate the electricity required to power washing machines and dryers, reducing your salons carbon footprint.

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The subject of sustainability becomes more relevant as the busy season approaches because the impact is so much greater. The amount of waste grows as a consequence of the increased demand in services and salons stocking up with extra supplies.


By making the switch to Vish and Easydry you can do your part in reducing waste and becoming more sustainable.