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US Heatwave – Easydry can help you stay cool

US Heatwave - how can Easydry help?

US Heatwave – Easydry can help you stay cool! Concerned about the US heatwaves? With temperatures continuing to soar across the mid-west, salons are desperately trying to find ways to keep their cool! High temperatures and in-salon laundry can raise the temperature in salons. Even worse – it can raise your utility bills through the roof!


So what simple change can you make today to keep staff and clients cool, save the planet and save a few dollars? Enter Easydry with our incredible range of eco-friendly, disposable towels. You wil no longer need to worry about US heatwaves and climate change.


How can Easydry help with heatwaves?

The Easydry range of eco-friendly disposable products allows you to offer your guests a luxurious, hygienic product. It also means you can ditch laundry for good. Get rid of your outdated washing machines and tumble dryers. They take up incredibly valuable time and space in your salon. Imagine what you could do with the space currently occupied by your laundry machines and endless stacks of stained cotton towels.


Switching from laundry and cotton towels to the Easydry disposable towel system will bring unlimited benefits to your business. This one simple change will allow your team to focus their time and attention on your clients. Incredibly it will also give you better control of your business costs. Currently you receive different bills for water, power, detergent, cotton towels and staff time. With Easydry, you will receive one single invoice for Easydry. It’s so easy!


Easydry is better for the planet

Easydry towels are 100% compostable and they break down in just 12 weeks after use. Even our packaging is sustainable – we pack in compostable bags and use cardboard cartons. Our entire supply chain is FSC certified and has been for over 10 years! What’s better than that? OUr products have three OK Compost Certificates. We are certified as OK Compost Home, OK Compost Industrial and OK Compost Seedling. This is incredibly rare and shows how serious we are about the planet.


Washing 1 cotton towel once wastes 10 litres of water! Imagine how much water is used by a busy salon on a Saturday!


What can you do?

Making the easy switch to Easydry is good for your clients, the environment, and your bottom line. US Heatwave – Easydry can help you stay cool!


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